Prestige Private Elementary School with 60 years of history and tradition

Sangmyeong Elementary School was established in Yongsan in 1964 and later moved to Junggye-dong in 1994 and has produced numerous exemplary graduates for more than 60 years, standing as a prominent school with prestigious history and tradition.
Sangmyeong Elementary School offers the highest quality of public education and leads in fostering competent talents. The School and Faculty share the same mind by aiming to provide a prosperous school life to build an altruistic-minded upright character.

In the continuously advancing modern society, we ensure our students receive specialized educational content to cultivate the cultural and artistic knowledge necessary. As the students grow to be future global leaders, we provide a multilingual atmosphere by naturally exposing students to foreign languages such as English and Mandarin. We operate leadership education programs to further develop the student’s positive and democratic communication & leadership skills.

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A happy school that all students want to attend

We continuously strive to ensure Sangmyeong Elementary School is a place where teachers, students, parents, and alumni bond together with love to cultivate great future talents who possess the right personality, knowledge, and creativity.

Sangmyeong Education catered to following student’s dreams



Spreading the wings of Intelligence
Reading Essays & Discussion
Sangmyeong Library
Chinese Character Education



Confidently Socializing
Sangmyeong Agora
Leadership Camp
Field Trip



Sound-mind in a sound-body!
Swimming Certification System
Sangmyeong Sports Day
Recreational Sports / Sports Activity


Global Citizen-in

Growing as a Global Leader
International Cultural Understanding Education
Etiquette class
Drama Festival



Cultivating creative talents to lead the 4th Industrial Revolution
Coding Education / Smart Education
Sangmyeong Convergence Gifted Class
Creative Convergence Camp



Love and Passion for Art
Singing/ Drawing
Sangmyeong Orchestra
1:1 Compulsory Instrument
Instrumental Music Concert


International Cultural Understanding Education

Laying the Foundation for global citizens
Communication Skills
Science Exploration
Cultural Activities
Understanding World Culture


After-School Activities

Diverse Activities
Swimming / Badminton
K-pop Dance
Sports Class
Futsal / Pottery
Arts / Clay Art

14, Wangsan-ro, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea, 02582

14, Wangsan-ro, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea, 02582